EuroELSO Working Groups

Under the umbrella of EuroELSO, various working groups were formed to advance different research projects in the field of Extracorporeal Life Science and thus contribute to the expansion of knowledge around the topic.

The working groups are open to all professions. Amongst others, the following topics and research projects are being worked on:

EISOR - Normothermic regional perfusion

Focus: Key focus on developing registry fileds and guidelines for lower body organ perfusion in organ donation.

Velia Antonini
EuroELSO Representative

Innovation on ECMO and ECLS

Focus: Improvements on technological aspects of extracorporeal treatments from all parts of the extracorporeal circuit

Read more about aims, working group members and publications

Maximilian Malfertheiner
EuroELSO Representative

Nosocomial infection and antibiotic treatment in patients with extracorporeal life support

Focus: This working group has been established with the overarching goal of facilitating scientific advancements in the field of nosocomial infection and antibiotic treatment among patients undergoing ECLS. The subject holds paramount importance, exerting a vital impact on the clinical progress of our patients, yet remains largely unexplored. It is noteworthy that there exists a lack of consensus on the fundamental definitions of infectious processes in the ECLS setting, and the adjustment of antimicrobial dosages varies significantly between centers.

This working group possesses a defined structure, objectives, and an evaluation process.

Read our document that summarizes the fundamentals of the group, including the (only two) conditions for membership.

We invite all the ECLS community to join us. 

Jordi Riera
EuroELSO Representative

Neurological outcomes

Focus: Key focus on harmonisation of monitoring and definition of neurological outcomes in both pediatric and adult practice in Europe.

Aparna Hoskote
EuroELSO Representative

Roberto Lorusso
EuroELSO Representative


Aim: Develop guidance on safe rehabilitation of Neonate, paediatric and adult patients supported on ECMO 


  • Multidisciplinary group – Neonate/Paediatric and Adult. Each step below will be independently approached from each perspective.
  • Will be looking at both early (sedated) & late (awake) rehabilitation. Physical & Psychological.
  • gather feedback on current practice through survey supported by EuroELSO
  • Review current literature 
    • identify PICO questions
    • systematic review of current literature
  • Publish guidelines

Requirements – we have responses from Nurses and Physiotherapists but need wider involvement – Psychology, Dietician, SALT and Occupational therapy both Adult & paediatric. Aiming to ask for librarian support from RPH with literature search step. We will need support in developing a survey please.


Jo-anne Fowles MSc RN l Nurse Consultant
Critical Care & ECMO
Royal Papworth NHS Foundation Trust
Cambridge Biomedical Campus l Cambridge l UK

Simulation and Artificial Intelligence in ECLS (SAIE)

Focus: Development of an endorsed research area on computer modeling and simulation development of a well-functioning framework for the in silicon ecosystem in ECLS

Justyna Swol, MD PhD EuroELSO Representative,
Simon Sonntag, PhD ESAO Representative, 

Read more about aims, working group members and opportunities to join

Sustainability - providing future proof ECLS care

Focus: To explore, set standards and implement ways how EuroELSO and the ECMO/ECLS community can deliver their services and patient care as sustainable and future proof as possible.

We invite people involved in patient care and also ECLS industry/developers with an interest in sustainability to come on join this important working group.

The working group is inviting interest people to join our regular online meetings:

2024: 22 May, 11 September, 11 December

2025: 11 March, 11 June, 11 September, 11 December

Always at 17:00 CET/CEST here .

Chair: Peter Roeleveld
Co-Chair: Jana Assy
EuroELSO Representative,

Working group Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resucitation (ECPR)

Topic: EuroELSO has established a new working group on extracorporeal cardiopulmonary resuscitation (ECPR). The aim of the group is to support awarness, knowledge, education and research in ECPR. 


Jan Belohlavek, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine
EuroELSO Past President
EuroELSO Working Group on ECPR chair

PED E-CPR Working Group

Topic: The pediatric arm of the EuroELSO E-CPR working Group is developing clear strategies to enhance research and quality improvement strategies and improve the outcome of E-CPR in neonatal and paediatric patients. We are working across the chapters of ELSO to enhance awareness, education and outcomes for this high risk group. 

See your PED E-CPR WG publication in Perfusion here .


Chair: Mark Davidson
Deputy chair: Ajay Desai

ECLS transport

Topic: Create cross-societal quality standards for ECLS transport, including equipment/devices, education, etc. Advocacy for, and development of (European) ECLS Transport Registry for improved quality, safety, and benchmarking of transport complications, etc. 

Partners: ESPNIC Workgroup on Paediatric ECMO Transport.

If you want to join, please send CV and short personal letter.


Lars Mikael Broman
EuroELSO Representative