Joint Committment

Temporary Mechanical Circulatory Support is an exciting and rapidly growing highly invasive treatment. The use of temporary MCS in cardiogenic shock and refractory cardiac arrest is increasing despite lack of randomized evidence.

It is therefore important that we join scientific efforts to optimize triage and usage of this modality.

Christian Hassager , ACVC President & Jan Belohlavek, EuroELSO President

Jan Belohlavek

EuroELSO President

Our Expertise

Veno-arterial ECMO (VA-ECMO) is considered to be the technique of choice by most experts for short term extracorporeal mechanical assist. VA-ECMO has several advantages compared to other devices: It merges support of both ventricles with gas exchange in case of pulmonary failure; implantation is relatively easy and accumulating costs are reasonable. Yet, it has to be kept in mind, that VA-ECMO is a short-term support bridging patients to recovery, to decision or to other support options like VADs or heart transplantation. The risk of complications is substantial, and sub-optimal handling will lessen survival.

Therefore, experience with power and limits of the technique is important for selecting appropriate indications, and management of a patient on VA-ECMO has to be scrutinized permanently. EuroELSO, the European branch of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO), is dedicated to the improvement of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation both in circulatory and respiratory failure and offers you a broad range of expert information to advance knowledge on VA-ECMO and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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Annual Congress

More than 1,500 ECMO professionals gathering together to share knowledge and discuss recent developments.
Check out the most relevant sessions of our previous congress regarding the Acute CVdays topic Mechanical Circulation Support: VA-ECMO: the Basics, ECMO-CPR, Adult Cardiac Heart Failure, Cardiogenic Shock, Paediatric ECPR and Challenges in Paediatric Cardiac ECMO.


Renowned experts talk about exciting topics in the field of ECMO and ECLS for adults and paediatrics. Free of charge, live and on-demand in the library. Check out the most relevant webinars in the past regarding the Acute CVdays topic Mechanical Circulation Support: Pediatric ECPR: the past, present and future, ECHO in ECMO and Weaning from VA-ECMO.

Grant Programme

Support of three research or education projects with an 18-month period grant - Application possible until 1 August 2021.

ECMO Community

Strengthen collaboration by sharing expertise - newly established EuroELSO ECMO community in the Siilo App.


Ongoing study and regular updates on the COVID-19-ECMO situation in Europe with data delivered by European ECMO providers.