ART meets ECMO

Exhibition during the 8th EuroELSO Congress in Barcelona

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of ELSO, and to pay a tribute to its founder Bob Bartlett, EuroELSO has conceptualised and realised a calendar with the unusual length of 18 months: it covers the time from the EuroELSO Barcelona Congress 2019 until the ELSO Conference in Waikoloa Village, Hawai´i September 2020.

The artworks of the calendar are a selection from 18 artists of 16 different countries who were supports by physicians, nurses and perfusionists from the ECMO community.

The artworks reflect the life-saving technology of ECMO according to the perspective of each individual artist and mirror the artistic tradition of the artists’ countries.

At the recent 8th EuroELSO Congress in Barcelona, each participant got a free calendar. Moreover, the artworks formed a beautiful exhibition that made our congress really stand out. At the 30th Annual ELSO Conference in Austin, Texas, again every congress participant gets a free calendar, with the option of purchasing additional copies.

If you are interested to purchase ART meets ECMO calendars or high-finish digital prints of individual artworks, please contact our project lead Ann-Kathrin Müller:

Prices are as follows (excl shipping):

  • Calendar ‘ART meets ECMO – 30 Years of ELSO’, April 2019 – September 2020, size A3: 15,00 €
  • Artwork prints, size A3 (circa 30 x 42 cm): 75,00 €
  • Artwork prints, size A2 (circa 42 x 60 cm): 100,00 €

Thomas Müller, University Hospital Regensburg, on behalf of EuroELSO

Curation & Artist Liaison:
Ann-Kathrin Müller, visual artist, Edinburgh

Australian/New Zealand submissions coordination:
Hergen Buscher, St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney

Alain Combes
Francesca Lorusso
Roberto Lorusso
Ann-Kathrin Müller
Jonathan Smith
Leen Vercaemst

Artists (in order of appearance):
Raquel Riera (Spain)
Ann-Kathrin Müller (Germany)
Ronnie Wong (China, Hong Kong)
Alexandra Kolomeets (Russia)
Mina Kang (Australia)
Harriet Burbeck (USA)
Suzanne Siroka (Czechia)
Pranisha Shrestha (Nepal)
Vio Choe (South Korea)
Wu Ping (Hong Kong)
Szandra Szonday (Hungary)
Vajra Pancharia (India)
Guillermo Moreno Mirallas (Spain)
Giulia Zappa (Italy)
Heinz Mödler (South Africa)
Sonia Gomez (Mexico)
Elham Abdelbary (Egypt)
Terumasa Morita (Japan)