The EuroELSO Grant Programme enables healthcare professionals and scientists to undertake research or develop educational content in line with the objectives of EuroELSO. 

The maximum value of each grant is €15,000.  Four grants are available and it is anticipated that at least one will have reference to paediatric practice and one will have reference to adult practice.

The intended project should be competed over a 18 month period. 

Applications will be accepted from any healthcare professional (including physicians, nurses, perfusionists and therapists) or a research scientist. The host institution should be a hospital or university. The host institution should be an active ELSO centre or be affiliated to one.

Full details of the Grant Programme, application form and Grant Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Completed application forms should be emailed to

Deadline is 19 March 2023 – grants will be presented during our 2023 congress in Lisbon.

19 MARCH 2023

Accepted grants will be published during the upcoming congress in Lisbon 26-29 April 2023.