ECLS procedures

EuroELSO and Eurosets developed the first app (web-app) to identify ECMO nomenclature based on ECLS procedures.
The web app is working on any mobile device. Have a look at how it is working by watching the video below.

Try the web application here:

Lars Mikael Broman, Sweden
Maximilian Malfertheiner, Germany
Mirko Belliato, Italy
Fabio Taccone, Belgium
Matteo Di Nardo, Italy
Roberto Lorusso, Netherlands

The ELSO Maastricht Treaty for ECLS Nomenclature: abbreviations for cannulation configuration in extracorporeal life support – a position papaer of the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization

How to create the "web app icon" in your mobile device

You want to add the application to your home screen? Then just follow the steps as described below:

Open your browser and go to

Click on button below “share”

Click on button “+” add to home menu

Name the link “ECLS” and the icon appears