EuroELSO Grant Programme

The EuroELSO Grant Programme enables healthcare professionals and scientists to undertake research or develop educational content in line with the objectives of EuroELSO.
The maximum value of each grant is €15,000. Four grants are available and it is anticipated that at least one will have reference to paediatric practice and one will have reference to adult practice. The intended project should be competed over a 18 month period.

The following projects were selected for 2020:
Deadline for application was December 13, 2019, 17:00 UST
The selected projects will be presented during the next EuroELSO congress in London, UK (29-31 March 2021).

Grant GEospatial aNalysis of ExtRacorporeal membrane oxygenATion in Europe
Contact: Dr. Stuart Gillon, Edinburgh/UK

Transfusion Requirements in ExtraCorporeal membrane oxygenation (TREC): a pilot randomized controlled trial on restrictive versus liberal transfusion thresholds in patients on ECMO
Contact: Dr. Alexander Vlaar, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

Fire and Ice: Temperature-Empowered Extracorporeal CO2 Removal to potentiate CO2 elimination at ultra-low blood flow
Contact: Dr. Mattia Busana, Göttingen/Germany