[dropcap]For people dealing with ECMO education, sometimes there could be the need to teach detailed techniques in live demos. Doing this scenario can be quite complicated since it requires many wireless cameras and other video technology to shoot live videos from a variety of angles and locations so that can see the techniques close up. This can be possible but becomes very expensive.[/dropcap]

There are many cameras on the market but only few of them are able to work wirelessly. GoPro camera, has a good sensitivity and resolution and is also capable of wide angle to macro and autofocus, however it is very expensive and not efficient for this purpose since it requires connection to their server and then access to the Internet from another computer.
To overcome all these problems, while maintaing costs very low it is possible to use our Iphone or Android cellular. Actually cellular phones have good cameras and wireless capability.
If you want use an Iphone, the only thing to buy is an Apple TV (almost 75 euros). This device will sync with other Apple probucts (iPhone, iPad) and can mirror whatever is on the screen of the smartphone or tablet. This means that we can turn the camera on, select a WiFi network (which does not require an internet connection), select mirroring and Apple TV after double clicking the home button on the phone or tablet.Than it is is possible to connect the Apple TV to a video projector or through a Kanex Pro HDMI to VGA converter. The set up is not difficult and we can have a high quality wireless video within the range of our router. This solution offers total mobility and flexibility with a camera that you may already own mantaing the costs for the live presentation very competitive.