EuroELSO Support for Ukraine

The hospital in Lwow is requesting in addition to our intitative, technical equipment and disposals. Please download the list of needed supplies here. Contact for coordination: Justyna Swol,

Thank you for considering helping our colleagues in Ukraine. 


Nicholas Barrett, President of EuroELSO 
Konstanty Szuldrzynski 
Justyna Swol 
on behalf of Steering and Scientific Committees of EuroELSO 


EuroELSO Declaration of Support for Ukraine

EuroELSO is appalled at the current unprecedented situation in the Ukraine. The consequences of war always fall heaviest upon the poor, ill and already vulnerable, especially children and the elderly. We fully support access to humanitarian aid, including food, water, shelter, medicines and medical care. EuroELSO calls for an end of the invasion and violation of international rules and urgently requests to return to dialogue and find a peaceful solution of the crisis.

EuroELSO Steering and Scientific Committees

Jan Bělohlávek - EuroELSO President


Matthieu Schmidt - Chair Scientific Committee