EuroELSO Survey on Ecmo Use in adult covid-19 patients in europe

EuroELSO publication policy and data access

The data of the COVID survey reported herein offer an uptodate information on the use of ECMO in COVID related severe respiratory/cardiac failure and are the PROPERTY of respective INDIVIDUAL CENTERS and EuroELSO. The data cannot be used for publishing, reporting or analyzing without the permission of individual centers and EuroELSO in compliance with the EuroELSO Publication Policy and Data Access.

Data collection

Centres which are interested in participating in the study are kindly asked to provide the number of patients still on ECMO every Friday morning, with age and gender, and the ones weaned or deceased. This will allow to provide a weekly bulletin about the ongoing situation in Europe.

Document 1: Overall Unit ECMO Experience (Excel file in which to include all patients) – to be submitted every Friday morning

Document 2: For partial updating (every week, one per patient)

Contact: Please send your data, questions and queries to:

Survey Report

European / EuroELSO Survey for Adult ECMO-COVID-19 Patients, 19 October 2020 (Map: Cases per country and hospital)

European/Euro-ELSO Survey for Neonatal/ Pediatric ECMO-COVID-19 Patients (Status: 22 May 2020)

Trend Configuration ECMO in COVID-19 (Status: 19 October 2020)

Trend Configuration ECMO in COVID-19_1
Trend Configuration ECMO in COVID-19_2

European Trend for ECMO in COVID-19 (Status: 19 October 2020)

European Trend for ECMO in COVID-19

ECMO Status for COVID-19 (Status: 19 October 2020)

Weaned from ECMO
Deceased Trend

Trend Number of Centers (Status: 19 October 2020)

Number of Centers

Age and Gender Distribution (Status: 19 October 2020)

Age and Gender_1
Age and Gender_2

The COVID19 related activities of the EuroELSO are supported with an unrestricted Educational Grant of Getinge.