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10th April 2024, 16:00 CET

Is Age Just a Number? The Association of Age with Outcomes from ECMO

Shannon M. Fernando (Toronto, Canada)

Peter Schellongowski (Vienna, Austria) 

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10th April 2024

Is Age Just a Number? The Association of Age with Outcomes from ECMO

Shannon M. Fernando (Toronto, Canada)

Peter Schellongowski (Vienna, Austria) 

03rd April 2024

Infection in Patients with ECLS

Jordi Riera (Barcelona, Spain)
Marta Hernandez-Meneses (Barcelona, Spain)
Stephanie Thomas (Manchester, United Kingdom)

Peter Schellongowski (Vienna, Austria)

25th March 2024

Joint Webinar EuroELSO/ESPNIC - Determining ECMO Candidacy in the Age of Few Contraindications: A Panel Discussion

Adam Himebauch (Philadelphia, USA), Katie Moynihan (Boston, USA), Maura O’Callaghan (London, UK), Peter Roeleveld (Leiden, Netherlands)
Organizers: Dr. Elise Zivick (Chair) & Dr. Katie Doane for the Education Subcommittee of PediECMO; Dr. Aparna Hoskote (Chair) for the Membership & Diversity Subcommittee of PediECMO

06th December 2023, 17:00 CEST

Normothermic regional perfusion in DCD organ donors, a primer

Antonio Rubino (Cambridge/UK), Marta Velia Antonini (Cesena/Italy), Constantino Fondevila (Madrid/Spain)

Marius Berman (Cambridge/UK), Eduardo Miñambres (Santander/Spain)

11th October 2023, 16:00 CEST

Hypothermia in VA ECMO

Bruno Lévy (Nancy/FR)

Peter Schellongowski (Vienna/AT)

13th September 2023, 16:00 CEST

Lessons learnt over the years in improving ECMO Outcomes using large datasets - the role of the ELSO Registry

Marc Anders (Houston/USA)
Joseph Tonna (Utah/USA)

Peter Schellongowski (Vienna/AT)

29th March 2023, 16:00 CEST

VA-ECMO in septic shock

Nicolas Bréchot (Paris/FR)

Peter Schellongowski (Vienna/AT)

23rd March 2023, 15:00 CEST

ECMO adverse events for pediatric clinical trials - ECMO central

Peta Alexander (Boston, USA)
Ryan Barbaro (Ann Arbor, USA)

Matteo Di Nardo (Rome, Italy)
Aparna Hoskote (London, UK)
Peter Roeleveld (Leiden, The Netherlands)
Alain Combes (Paris, France)

5th September 2022, 17:00 CEST

Transition from V-A ECMO to more advanced therapies (VAD or Heart Transplant) in adults: the actual numbers and results

Roberto Lorusso (Maastricht)
Mara Scandroglio (Milan)
Udo Boeken (Dusseldorf)

Moderator:   Dominik Wiedemann (Vienna)

EuroELSO 2022 in London (Educational Corner)

How to perform the perfect ECMO simulation

Speaker: Marek Dąbrowski (Poznan, Polen), Justyna Swol (Nuremberg, Germany)

13 April 2022, 15:00 CEST

ECMO and infection - when one leads to the other

Speaker: Graeme MacLaren (Singapore)
Moderator: Pete Roeleveld (Leiden, The Netherlands) & Jordi Riera del Brio (Barcelona, Spain)

10 March 2022, 16:00 CEST

Proning on ECMO

Speaker: Matthieu Schmidt
Moderator: Peter Schellongowski 

03 March 2022, 16:00 CEST

Combined ECLS with ECMO and Impella:
indications, physiological basis and management

Speaker: Clara Hernandez Caballero
Moderator: Peter Schellongowski 

09 December 2021, 15:00 CEST

ECPR in adults - an update

Speaker: Jan Bělohlávek
Moderator: Peter Schellongowski 

10 November 2021, 16:00 CEST

Strategies for successful weaning from post cardiotomy ECMO in Children

Speaker: Tim Jones, Roberto Chiletti & Peta Alexander
Moderation: Pete Roeleveld

21 April 2021, 16:00 CEST

One year experience with COVID-19 in European ECMO centers

Speaker: Jan Belohlavek, Roberto Lorusso & Brijesh Patel
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski

30 March 2021, 16:00 CEST

Anticoagulation monitoring in ECMO in neonates and children: moving target - anti Xa over ACT & APTT?

Speakers: Ariane Willems, Laurance Lequier & Gail Annich
Moderation: Peter Roeleveld, Netherlands

25 November 2020

Paediatric ECPR: the past, present and the future

Speakers: Aparna Hoskote, UK, Malaika Mendonca, Switzerland, Tim Antonius, Nijmegen, Netherlands
Moderation: Peter Roeleveld, Netherlands and Mark Davidson, UK

25 May 2020

Speakers: Sangita Agarwal, Boris Lams, Andrew Retter, UK
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

17 March 2020

Speaker: Nadia Aissaoui, Paris, France 
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

27 February 2020

Speaker: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

05 December 2019

Transition from v-a ECMO to VAD

Speaker: Felix Hennig, Berlin, Germany 
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

21 November 2019

Weaning strategies on VV ECMO

Speaker: Justyna Swol, Nuremberg, Germany 
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

06 November 2019

The role of ECMO in liver failure/ transplantation

Speaker: Robert Loveridge, London, UK 
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

04 September 2019

Paediatric Respiratory ECMO: let’s discuss the optimal ventilator strategy to enhance lung recovery

Speaker: Matteo Di Nardo, Rome, Italy 
Moderation: Peter R. Roeleveld, Leiden, Netherlands

04 July 2019

Anticoagulation during ECMO: Today's practice and future perspectives

Speaker: Max Malfertheiner, Regensburg, Germany / Jonathan Millar, Glasgow, Scotland 
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

27 June 2019


Speaker: Martin Balik, Prague, Czech Republic / Dirk Donker, Utrecht, The Netherlands 
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

27 March 2019

Identifying factors to improve ICU morbidity and survival after post cardiotomy ECMO in children

Speaker: Aparna Hoskote, London, United Kingdom
Moderation: Peter P. Roeleveld, Leiden, Netherlands

12 December 2018

Left ventricular unloading - when and how?

Speaker: Roberto Lorusso, Maastricht, Netherlands
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

Roberto Lorusso is Associate Professor and Director of the ECLS Program at the Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Department of the Maastricht University Medical Centre. His interests are mechanical circulatory support, minimally invasive valve surgery, coronary surgery, preclinical and clinical research (Principal Investigator of several multicentre international studies like PERSIST-AVR, ISTMIR, ECLS in Post-Cardiotomy, and others).

21 November 2018

Mechanical ventialation during veno-venous ECMO

Speaker: Matthieu Schmidt, Paris, France
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

Matthieu Schmidt, MD, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at the University of Paris, Pierre et Marie Curie, and senior intensivist in Medical Intensive Care, Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital Paris. His research and developments are on cardiogenic shock, medical circulatory assistance, as well as on rescue therapies for severe acute respiratory distress syndrome, includingECMO and mechanical ventilation.

25 September 2018

Inter-hospital transports on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Speaker: Lars Mikael Broman, Stockholm, Sweden
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

Lars Mikael Broman is senior intensivist / anesthesist and principal investigator at the ECMO Centre Karolinska, Sweden.
His research and developments are on ECMO related subjects such as transport, technology, sepsis and neurologic complications.

26 June 2018

The EOLIA Trial

Speaker: Alain Combes, Paris, France
Discussion: Alain Combes, Paris, France / Giles Peek, New York, USA / Luciano Gattinoni, Göttingen, Germany
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

Alain Combes presents the results of the EOLIA Trial. Afterwards, the study and more questions are discussed together with Giles Peek and Luciano Gattinoni, moderated by Peter Schellongowski.

2 May 2018

Controversies of eCPR

Speaker: Alain Combes, Paris, France / Jan Bélohlavek, Prague, Czech Republic
Moderation: Peter Schellongowski, Vienna, Austria

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