ECMO Courses

The Pitie ECMO diploma and Paris ECMO simulation course

Location: Paris, France

Date: several dates available in spring and summer 2024

• The Pitié ECMO diploma: One week (total of 50 hours) with interactive lectures, case studies, and a lot of time devoted to questions and case-based discussion. These 5 days comprehensive and practical learning programs will provide you with the skills for managing Extracorporeal Life Support in patients with respiratory and/or cardiocirculatory failure. This course is an ELSO/EURO-ELSO endorsed course (Step 1).

• Paris ECMO simulation course: Two and half days entirely dedicated to practical VA and VV ECMO management, with numerous simulation sessions, practical hands-on, and discussion of concrete cases at the ICU bedside. This course is restricted to a maximum of 14 attendees to promote maximal interaction, feedback, and discussion in a friendly atmosphere. This course is a Comprehensive Simulation-Based ECMO course endorsed by ELSO/EURO-ELSO (Step 1 and Step 2).

Both courses are intended for physicians (intensivists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians etc), nurses, perfusionists, respiratory therapists, and other health care professionals, who are already involved in an ECMO program or who are in the process of starting one.

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Regensburg 9th Adult ECMO Training Course

Date: 23 – 27 September 2024

Location: University Regensburg, Lecture Theatre A2 (Entrance West), Regensburg, Germany

The course will include both lectures in the morning and simulation, hands-on and discussions in the afternoon. It shall be an introduction into ECMO therapy in Critical Care today, embedded within state-of-the-art conventional treatment, which will cover both respiratory and circulatory support for adult patients.

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Adult ECMO for respiratory and circulatory failure including septic shock

Location: Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden

Date: 14 – 17 October 2024

This ELSO course is intended for physicians (intensivists, surgeons etc), nurses, perfusionists and other health care professionals, who either work in an ECMO program or who are in the process of starting one.

The course will be conducted by the faculty of the ECMO Center at Karolinska. It will include simulations of ECMO patients, practical training in managing the ECMO circuit with change of different components etc, computer simulations of physiology and didactic lectures. Simulations and practical training will be performed in small groups of 6 participants together with one or two instructors. The lectures will cover subjects like components of the ECMO circuit, indications for ECMO, contraindications, managing the patient on ECMO, cannulation strategy, physiology, anticoagulation, troubleshooting etc.

The number of participants is maximized to 24. Besides of the course the registration fee (24 000 SEK) will cover lunches, coffee and one dinner.

After having completed the course, the participants will have increased both their theoretical knowledge and their practical skills in managing adult patients on ECMO for respiratory and circulatory failure and septic shock.
The participants will have satisfied Step 1 and Step 2 of the certification application requirements for the ELSO Adult ECMO Practitioner Certificate (E-AEC). The course is in English.

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Registration will open May 1st 2024.

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Karolinska Cardiogenic Shock Days

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Date: 4-5 June 2025

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Karolinska Cardiogenic Shock Days in collaboration with Royal Brompton/Harefield and Barts Hospitals, to be held in Stockholm on 4th-5th of June 2025.

Karolinska Cardiogenic Shock Days will bring together leading experts in this field and it will be a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and the lastest advances in Cardiogenic Shock.

Emil Najjar, MD PhD

Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, and
Heart and Vascular Theme, Karolinska University Hospital

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Upcoming ESICM Courses

Discover more about each course and select the one that best suits your interests and needs. Explore further details to make an informed decision and enrich your learning experience.

Renal Replacement Therapy in ICU | 27 – 28 May

✔️ Overview of the principles of RRT in adult critically ill patients
✔️ Understanding of how to deal with commonly encountered issues during RRT
✔️ Interdisciplinary, problem-based approach to the topic

Level 3: Advanced Master Course in ECMO | 11 – 12 June

✔️ Joint event between EuroELSO and ESICM
✔️ Overview of basics of the ECMO circuit, and fundamentals of the ECMO for Adult Respiratory & Cardiac Failure
✔️ Certificates may be validated at EuroELSO on the path to E-AEC, the ELSO Adult ECMO Practitioner Certification.

The ECMO course is a joint event between EuroELSO & ESICM, part of a programme specialised for training in extracorporeal techniques for healthcare professionals interested in the field. Certificates may be validated at EuroELSO on the path to the ELSO Adult ECMO Practitioner Certification (E-AEC).  

Workshop for Educators | 21 June

✔️ Focus on equipping participants with the essential skills to be efficient and effective trainers
✔️ Practical teaching methods & assessment techniques

Level 2: Transition Course in ARF & MV | 27 – 28 June

✔️ Further integration of respiratory physiology of gas exchange
✔️ Advanced respiratory mechanics & mechanical ventilation
✔️ Recruitment manoeuvres