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7th March 2020

ECMO 2020: Controversies and insights

Location: University Hospital Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany
Organization: Thomas Müller / Britta Haseneder ( 
Program and further information:

Extracorporeal life support (ECLS) has made remarkable progress in the care of the critically ill. Some will remember, that more than a decade ago the technique was met by many intensivists with a great deal of skepticism. However, the advent of H1N1-infl uenza-A associated severe lung failure introduced the technically optimized devices of modern ECMO II to many ICUs worldwide.
In addition, in more recent years a significant rise in the use of VA-ECMO for cardiogenic shock of diverse etiologies is observed. ECPR is applied in specialized centers for refractory cardiac arrest in hospital and out of hospital. Thus ECLS has become an inherent part of modern Intensive Care Medicine.

Yet solid scientifi c proof for many areas of ECLS is still missing. Important questions are not unanimously answered. Different views persist and fi nding optimal solutions requires ongoing discussion. This discussion shall be stimulated by this symposium. Experts and friends from around the world are invited to discuss many controversial topics of both respiratory and circulatory support. Controversies are necessary to enhance knowledge. The aim of this meeting is to provide insights to improve our clinical practice.

5th - 8th October 2020

-POSTPONED- ELSO ECMO Course I Adult ECMO for respiratory failure and septic shock

Location: Karolinska University Hospital Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
Organization: Björn Frenckner, MD, PhD (, Mikael Broman, MD, PhD and  Jonas Lindholm, MD
Program and further information:

This ELSO course is intended for physicians (intensivists, surgeons etc), nurses, perfusionists and other health care professionals, who either work in an ECMO program or who are in the process of starting one.
The course will be conducted by the faculty of the ECMO Center at Karolinska. It will include simulations of ecmo patients, practical training in managing the ECMO circuit with change of different components etc, computer simulations of physiology and didactic lectures. Simulations and practical training will be performed in small groups of 6 participants together with one or two instructors. The lectures will cover subjects like components of the ECMO circuit, indications for
ECMO, contraindications, managing the patient on ECMO, cannulation strategy, physiology, anticoagulation, troubleshooting etc.

The number of participants is maximized to 24. Besides of the course the registration fee
(20 000 SEK incl. VAT) will cover lunches, coffee and one dinner on the 6th of October.

An application will be made to the UEMS EACCME® for CME accreditation of this event.

ECMO Course Regensburg
Program - Speaker - Registration - Accommodation

30 September - 4 October 2019

2nd Adult ECMO Training Course Regensburg 2019

Location: University Hospital Regensburg, Germany
Organization: Thomas Müller (
Program and further information:

This is a one-week ELSO endorsed course covering VV-ECMO, ECCO2R and VA-ECMO. It is intended for physicians, perfusionists and nurses who want to start or have initiated an ECMO program for adult patients. The course, including both lectures and hands-on in equal parts, will be an introduction into ECMO therapy in Critical Care today, embedded within state-of-the-art conventional treatment. A printed and electronic script in combination with the ELSO Red Book will allow ongoing training. The participation is limited to a maximum of 24 attendees.